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Velarius World needs some tales and stories, and every spies, bards, or even gossipers are welcome to share their tales here!

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Valerius World is a wiki designed specifically for role players and story writers to pour their creativities and ideas of stories on a themed medieval fantasy world. Everyone is welcome to create their own pages, or read tales, biographies, or whatever is written in here.

Valerius Tale: The Age of GodsEdit

"Flames cause suffering and deaths. But in the right hands, flames cleanse the living of their sins." - Arkhal, The Shaper of Flame

A long time ago, there were nothing in the universe, only true darkness. Then a bright light flashed out of nowhere, and from it appeared 5 mystical humanoid creatures: Shapers, the creators of everything in this world. Every Shapers have immense power, although each of them have different kind of powers.

Arkhal, The Shaper of Flame, create the stars of the world, each burning brightly and beautifully. Arkhal put tiny amount of his Spirit Essence into some of the stars, which made them bigger, shine brighter, and have their own power. After creating numerous stars, Arkhal looked at them with joy of accomplishment, and fell into trance.

Markhul, The Shaper of Rock, create the planets of the world. Everytime he puts a planet into the world, one of Arkhal's numerous stars collide and destroyed the planet. Thus Markhul put the planets near the Spirit Stars, and put tiny amount of his Vitality Essence into each of the planets, making them able to withstand the dragging power of the Spirit Stars, and instead circles in harmony with the power. After seeing all of his planets flow smoothly, Markhul breathes lightly, and fell into trance.

Shanaar, The Shaper of Liquid, create life into the world. She put creatures into some of the stars, but the stars burn brightly, and the creatures fade in short while. Thus Shanaar put the creatures into some of the planets, and they live well. However, Shanaar was not pleasant with her creations, since all of them looks the same in every planets. Shanaar breathe to the planets, and each of them terraform rightaway, creating mountain ranges, deep seas, lakes, volcanoes, rivers, and more. Then Shanaar put tiny amount of her Glyph Essence, and in short while all of the creatures began to change shape to adapt with the environmental changes. Shanaar was very pleased with her work, and then fell into trance.

Varkal, The Shaper of Knowledge, create mind into the world. Varkal first create numerous tiny worlds, and put them each to the Shanaar's creations: the creatures. The animals receive their mind, and each of them begin to think and able to act differently. Varkal was interested with their actions, and deemed the animals succeeded. The plants receive their mind, and failed to contain the worlds, and thus died. Varkal realized the plants cannot accept his creation, and therefore stripped his creations off the plants to avoid killing all of the plants. Humanoids receive their mind, and each of them begin to socialize to each other with various means, and like animals, act differently. Varkal favor the humanoids over other creatures, and put his Intelligence Essence, making them far smarter compared to other creation. Varkal smiled and overjoyed with his creations, and then fell into trance.

Karval, The Shaper of Mist, create dream into the world. Karval look at the world, and realized that there is pretty much nothing left in the world to be created. Therefore, he created a world based on the real world, and he created everything he wanted to within. Karval wanted his world to be linked to the real world, and thus he connected his world to every creature's mind, making them go to his world when they sleep. Unlike others, Karval is not pleased with his work and want to keep perfecting it. He fell into semi-trance, still making creations in his own world during his trance.

And thus the world is shaped, and every creatures live under the watch of The Shapers, where when needed, they shall awake from their trance and revert the world back right before they fell into trance, cleansing every history and creatures in the world and put new ones exactly to their ideal.

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