Rhavint Velarius, Crown Prince of Bluelance Empire and Knight-Captain of the White Rose, was the son of Lord Llane Velarius and heir to the throne. He was Haend Velarius' brother and had a romantic relationship with Shirleen Talmyre. He also swore a brotherhood oath with his best friend Gizell Wrynn.

Despite of his promising future, Rhavint's tragic fate led him to instead become exiled from his own empire, and joined the despised Dark Elves. Taking up both his affinity of arcane magics and Dark Elven combat training, Rhavint rose as the first Arcane Archer in the world and founded the Schwertzal Empire, and led the empire to be one of the most powerful empire in the world.


Prince Rhavint Velarius was born to King Llane Velarius during the War of The Reds. The war made Llane unable to give Rhavint the love of a father, and therefore a foster father was appointed to him, Knight-Commander Falthir Icebreaker of the White Rose. As a young child, he became friends with Gizell Wrynn.

As a youth, Rhavint was trained in combat with Falthir, but failed to meet the expectation of the Knight-Commander due to the fact that Rhavint was too weak to strike with a sword properly. Falthir never gave up however, and keep training him to be able to fight, albeit not as good as his brother or other trainees.

One day during his sleep, Rhavint got a nightmare. In his dream he was surrounded by hundreds of thugs and fierce dogs, and Rhavint only got a sword in his right hand to fight. As the enemies charged towards him, he screamed loudly in fear, and a flow of energy burst within him, summoning thousands of swords and a shield around him. The shield prevented all of the enemies to get near him, and the swords slay all of the enemies. Rhavint woke from the nightmare with his body full of sweat, and his eyes burning hot. Rhavint had unlocked his arcane magic.

Rhavint told Llane about his dream the next day, and in a short while, Rhavint was declared exiled by his own father, without realizing what wrong he has done at all. Llane's hatred towards magic exceeded over his love to his own son, and although Rhavint was sparred from death, he was exiled.

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