The Dark Elves are the secluded and hated race in Harnissal continent. Native to the huge Thalissar Forest, ever since the Dark Betrayal they hid and secluded themselves in the vast forest. The Dark Reformation led by Rhavint Velarius marked the end of their seclusion and they let go their old name and now call themselves Crimson Elves.


The Dark Elves are reclusive and sly race born when one of the Light Elves senate leader, Kain Lightwing along with his loyal followers seek out the knowledge of mysterious Draken race and performed the Rite of Release, making their frail body became durable and resistant, and also giving them power over Primal magic. However, their Light magic was lost, and made their skins grew dark.

Their new power was feared by their Light Elves brother however, and they begin to show their fear by treating the Dark Elves differently. Although suffering from these treatments, the Dark Elves persevere, and try to take them as their curse for their power. These doesn't last long however, as when Challine Windfang rose as senate leader, show her disgust to the Dark Elves. Her honesty made her favoured by the Light Elves, and just in few weeks, she became very strong and her edict never fail. Until one day, she passed an edict of exiling the Dark Elves, and obviously, passed. The Dark Elves are forced to leave their beloved home. Some of the Light Elves, mostly blood brothers and sisters of the Dark Elves, decided to follow the Dark Elves and earning themselves exiled status too. They however, also performed Rite of Release and turned to Dark Elves too.

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